Crazy Internet Advice

Every time someone has a question about something the first thing we usually do is, “google it”.  It’s a normal common phrase I use all of the time, “just google it”.  I decided to just go to a different website than google ( and see what they had to offer and I came across an article that swears these 9 things will help keep your relationship strong. Granted they are things you need in a relationship but the fact that they just put 9 things together to tell the world of what is needed and most important in a relationship is rather funny.  Everyone knows what works best with their significant other, if you don’t then you usually break up, but advice doesn’t always work unless the advice is coming from someone who knows both of you, not a broad advice spectrum. Everyone knows what works best for them but I’ll let you know the 9 things they said that were most important.

1. Me time

2.Keep the guffaws coming

3. Steal a mid-day hello

4. Let the compliments flow

5. Show some love

6. Get physical

7. Speak your mind

8. Say those three little words

9. End the day together




  1. slenorak Said:

    I also turn to Google for everything. You can type in the most ridicules questions into Google’s search bar and BAM there is the answer. The silly thing is that people actually do live their lives by the guidelines that they find. As you were saying it is funny that people even make up these rules in the first place. Not ever relationship is the same so how can a third party know what is best for you and your significant other. Every relationship is different but I guess if you are lost and have nowhere else to turn start your computer up, go to Google, and ask away.

  2. ravencymone Said:

    I definately agree with you. I know the first thing I do when I have a question, i go straight to google. As far as the relationship thing i also agree with you that everyones relationship what works best for their relationship. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for the next person, and some people need to realize this. But some of the points they gave was good.

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